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A New American Tradition With Vintage Appeal

New Year.....New You.....New GUITAR!!!

Let's make it happen. 2018 was a great year, thanks to all who supported, trusted, and encouraged me in my business endeavor. I've picked up a couple new stores to carry my product, and it's truly starting to take off. The latest business is Nashville Used and New Music on Nolensville Rd. in Nashville Tn. (http://www.nashvilleusedmusic.com/) and they couldn't be happier with the results. So I say to all you local dealers out there, LET'S KEEP IT GOING!  Let's give people a quality instrument, with all the bells and whistles, at a super affordable price. Find out why my customers keep saying,

If It Ain't A Hockin' You're Not Rockin'

Building quality affordable guitars with the working musician in mind.

Let's face it, a good quality guitar can be down right expensive. They average in price from $1,500-$3,500 to start, and just go up from there. Hockin Custom Guitars knows this, and has the answer to your dilemma. A high quality guitar, with fantastic pickups, top notch hardware, in a huge assortment of colors. Oh, and hears the best part, they start at $799. No, that's not a typo....Starting at $799.

I'm not out to make millions of dollars, just make you an affordable, quality instrument that you'll be playing for years to come. Let me show you what all the buzz is about, and why customer after customer keeps saying, If It Ain't A Hockin, You're Not Rockin'

Endorsee Andrew Davis with a lemonburst Highline Luminescent Series
Meet the newest endorsee of Hockin Custom Guitars, Andrew Davis. Here he is pictured rocking out with a Highline luminescent Series lemon-burst. His band, Them Dirty Roses, are making some of the best music out there. They just returned from a European tour and are back in the states spreading the love, and their great soulful, Southern rock and roll. Check them out on Spotify, or visit their website www.themdirtyroses.com

               If It Ain't A Hockin, You're Not Rockin'

"Hi! I’m Kipp Hockin, owner of Hockin Custom Guitar Services in Chapel Hill, Tennessee.

Making quality guitars is my passion."

Great Value for Money

Because I run a small, one-man-operation business, I am able to deliver my services at fees that are easy on your pocket. I cater to musicians looking for superb sound and make for great values.

A Wide Range of Craftsmanship

My work ranges from guitar prices starting at $799.00 up to high-end models starting at $2,300.00. If you want a Les Paul style guitar, I can make one with added customizations just for you in a single or double cut away body style.

Kip Hockin With His Custom Guitar

Kenny Olsen [Kid Rock] with a Hockin Custom Natural Series. 

If It ain't a Hockin, you're not rocking'

I team up with a few different companies that provides the wood that will make the body & neck of the guitar. Then it is cut to my personal specifications.

Once I have the "bones" of the instrument, I take care of the rest. Natural finishes, brilliant colored stains, top of the line hardware, and all the accessories you'll need for a one of a kind instrument built exclusively for you.

Cherry sunburst Highline Luminescent Series
Highline Luminescent  Series

Planet Tone Hand Wound, American Made Pickups Available Now In Most Models. These Are Some Of THE FINEST Pickups Money Can Buy. Place Your Order Today & Upgrade Your Guitar With Planet Tone. www.planettone.com

Hockin Custom Guitars Uses Planet Tone
Railhammer Humbucker
Introducing ANOTHER pickup  to the Hockin Custom Guitars arsenal. The brand is called Railmammer, the tone is called AWESOME, the look  is called SUPER COOL, and they can be called YOURS. Available in all models in chrome and black (gold not available at this time). These pickups come stock in the Reverend brand guitars, and let me tell you, these things sound great. Check them out at www.railhammer.com
Railhammer Logo

What I Guarantee

My job is to provide you with quality products in a short turnaround time. You can count on me to do an excellent job that meets or even goes beyond your expectations. At Hockin Custom Guitars in Chapel Hill, TN, I build high-end affordable models with custom options. A New American Tradition With Vintage Appeal!

An Great Guitar Made Just for You