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A New American Tradition With Vintage Appeal

Guitars Built to Make Brilliant Music

Hockin Guitars in Chapel Hill, Tennessee is your partner in designing and creating that perfect instrument for you. I have been helping many clients make music possible through the personalized guitars I create. Browse through my gallery of finished work and read testimonials below for your reference and inspiration.


The "Natural" spalted maple SC (Single Cut) or DC (Double Cut) guitar. This all natural beauty has it all. Looks, feel, sound. A true American classic
The "Natural Series" SC (Single Cut) or DC (Double Cut) Standard or Deluxe guitar comes with high end electronics, top notch hardware, and is polished to a brilliant shine, letting the natural beauty of the wood show through.
High quality cases to protect your new investment. Available in black, brown, and tweed. Buying a new guitar without a case is like buying new shoes without laces
Quality 2 1/2" wide leather strap to hold your new guitar while you're rocking out on stage, or just playing at home. Either way, making it comfortable to hold equates to better playing
NEVER loose your guitar from it's strap again. "THE BEST" strap locks I have ever used. Available in nickel, gold, and black. You can feel secure knowing your new Hockin Custom Guitar will stay put and stay damage free while you're "rockin' with your brand new Hockin"


Purchased my first Hockin Guitar from a local shop south of Spring Hill, TN. I've always had problems with guitars ive bought in the past. The cheap feel and action made them no fun to play or learn on. But this guitar I've got, my Hockin Custom #6, A JOY TO PLAY.

The quality of the instrument really equates to a better quality of playing. This guitar feels like it was built for my hands and the tone is custom molded for my ears.

I purchased an all-natural wood finish with gold Wilkinson hardware, it’s beautiful. Totally my style.

I fell so much in love with this guitar that I had to find out who made it. After some googling I come up with Christopher (Kipp) Hockin out of Chapel Hill, TN and I am already planning on a second purchase with him in the near future.

Bottom line is, if you wan't a GREAT sounding guitar with GREAT action and Immaculate craftsmanship, save your money because you aren't rockin' if its not HOCKIN.

Cory Sandy, Hockin Guitars customer

I was looking for a new stratocaster when I ran across Hockin Custom guitars. I bought one of these guitars based off of the looks alone. When I received it I was extremely satisfied with how it played. The craftsmanship is unbelievable, and it is obvious that there was a lot of pride that went into building it. I am very impressed with this guitar and have already put in a request for a les paul!

- Greg Zeller, Hockin Guitars customer